Pau’s Book Reviews: Counting By 7s

Paulina’s book review:

   Counting by 7s    



  This is my book review on counting by 7s.


This novel is sad and funny. This book is about a girl who was adopted by a couple and is different from other kids and loves plants, is smart, likes the color red and likes counting by sevens.  At school she is taken to a councilor.  She then unexpectedly meets a girl who becomes her friend.  One day after a counseling session when she got home police were surrounding her house.  She over heard that her parents died.  Now she is going through many situations both fun and sad until she unexpectedly finds a new loving family that takes her on an adventure.

      What I think about this book

This book was sad,exiting,and funny.  This is one of my favorite books.

I recommend this book for ages 10-15. I really like it. You should read it to!!


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