17 Ways to Ease Back-to-School

For some children, school starts August first! Here are some End-of-summer tricks guaranteed to make the first day of school less stressful!!

Reset the Body Clock

Odds are, the kids have been up until late into the evening and then sleeping in. Easing back to a school-year schedule will ensure that they show up bright-eyed, if not bushy-tailed, says Rafael Pelayo, M.D., a pediatric sleep specialist at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic in Redwood City, CA. Here’s how:

Spin Sleep

“You have to get the kids on board,” says Dr. Pelayo. If they see going to bed as a punishment or a bummer, they’re going to avoid it. But if they understand that sleep is good for them, just as exercise is, they may resist less. “Talk about it like ‘It’s not that you have to go to sleep, but that you get to go to sleep.'” It also helps to tell them that you’re going to be resetting your schedule, too, and have only incredibly boring stuff — cleaning the bathroom, discussing health care reform with her father — planned for the evening. “That way, the kid doesn’t feel punished. It’s the whole family getting ready.”

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