School Grades

This is a great resource to measure how well your school is doing.

Our Grades offers the only grading system that uses a rigorous, common standard to compare schools across the United States. We adjust for differences in academic standards across states and account for each school’s unique economic profile to provide a comprehensive picture of school performance in core subjects. Grades

To calculate our grades, we begin by looking at the percentage of students in each school who qualify as proficient on state math and reading exams. We then follow a three-step process.

Step 1: Apply a Rigorous National Standard
We adjust the percentage of students who qualify as proficient on the state exams to align with a rigorous national standard.


We use the latest test scores available via an arrangement with

Step 2: Adjust for Students’ Economic Profile
We then account for the percentage of students in the school who are economically disadvantaged.

Step 3: Assign the Final Letter Grade
Finally, we assign a letter grade based on how the school performs relative to international performance benchmarks.

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