What is really ‘NATURAL’?

When you go grocery shopping, what do you read on the package?  Do you make sure it says its “NATURAL”.  Every single day I am asked by different people what I think of certain products and brands. When I start asking them questions, the first thing they tell me is, “Well it says its natural!”  

According to Webster’s dictionary the definitions of Natural is:

1.- existing in nature and not made or caused by people : coming from nature

2.- not having any extra substances or chemicals added : not containing anything artificial

These definitions are very simple and easy to understand. Natural is supposed to be clean from contaminants, right? So why did Consumer Reports try to start a campaign to ban this misleading word? On June 16, 2014, Consumer Reports published an article, “Say no to ‘natural’ on food labels”. It states that the FDA does not have a formal definition of the term “Natural”.

Natural is now a deceiving word. A chicken can be natural, and not lab made, but that does not mean it is free from hormones and antibiotics.  We tend to go for the bigger chicken breast, but in the end, size does matter.

A bag of potato chips can be natural. But that does not mean the potato comes from a genetic modified seed, or that it has tons of pesticides.

The most important part on the package is the ingredient list. This way you know exactly what it is that you are eating.





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